Praying Hands

Prayer Requests


1) Pray for a Location - that God would open doors and make it clear to us where our next school location should be. We will not be returning to the location we'd been at before. We are working diligently on this next important step at this time! **THIS IS OUR GREATEST NEED!!**

2) Pray for Guidance for the School Board - that the Lord would give us wisdom and clarity. That we'd make decisions that are honoring to Him. That each decision we make is made with the best interests of our students and staff in mind. And that we'd work together with each other and our community to bring back the best in Christian, non-denominational education in our area. 

3) Pray for Timing of Re-opening - as much as we've been working hard on this, we've also seen some setbacks. Please pray that we'd be wise and faithful in each step that we take, and that God would continue to show us His timing. 

4) Pray for Students and Staff - that God would begin preparing their hearts even now, and that He'd make it clear to them and to us for them to join us, whenever the timing is right. We trust God for His provision of future students and staff!

Thank you for your prayerful support!!