Don’t forget to have your students wear the new QCS black polo shirt on Chapel Days and on field trip days!

Parents, please remember to sign your child’s homework journal each night. Write any questions or comments you might have for the teacher.  This will help to establish good communication between class and home so that QCS can better serve your child’s needs.


Family Referral Cards are available in the office. The new referred family and the current QCS family can both be eligible for a monthly tuition discount.

Continue to order SCRIP and save HyVee UPC codes, Box Tops for Education, Campbell’s education points, silver drink pouches, and used toner cartridges.

Clothes Closet—Let the office or PTF know if you need school clothes for your child(ren).  Let them know sizes needed, and a bag will be put together for you to take home.

Room Mothers/Fathers—If you are interested in helping out your child’s teacher as a room mother/father, please let us know!  Our teachers love the extra help and attention for their students.  This is a great way to get involved in your child’s life at school, and can make for great conversation around the dinner table.  (K4 through 12th grades)

The School Newsletter is sent home (email or child’s folder) periodically.  Look for this newsletter and read it thoroughly so you can be well-informed of activities and events.  Still have questions? Call or drop us a quick email. This newsletter is also posted on the web site under the Parents section.

Lost and Found:  Did your child lose an item?  Check the lost and found box in the school office.

Sonshine Parents:  This team of Moms and Dads have a rewarding and fun ministry at our school.  The parents provide a “Hello” every morning with a warm smile to each student as they arrive on our campus. We appreciate the Sonshine Moms and Dads who make a positive difference to our children every day.  Call the office to sign up for this team.