Welcome to Quincy Christian School. We are honored that you have chosen to be a part of a journey toward excellence. Our primary vision and purpose at Quincy Christian School is to introduce, guide, embrace and train people for an eternal relationship with God. In practical terms, Quincy Christian School’s mission is to provide a complete educational experience in a spiritual atmosphere, based on a biblical world view, enabling students to become outstanding Christian leaders in our society.

The solemn responsibility of partnering with parents for the nurturing of young people is one that we fully realize. Under God, we will do our best to serve your educational needs in an uncompromising spiritual format. Should you decide to enroll your student in Quincy Christian School, I am confident that it will result in a wonderful advance for your family.

We trust that you find all of the information you need on our site to encourage you to take the next step and contact us concerning your student’s future.

Feel free to call us at 217-223-5698 or you can visit the “Contact Us” page to reach us via our electronic contact form. Either way, we look forward to meeting you and your student very soon.

Have a joy-filled year!