Hear from students and parents about what QCS is really like.

QCS Parent
“Quincy Christian School is considered ‘Heaven sent’ in our house. They expect more from their students and get it through a Christian-based learning environment with qualified teachers that really care and have time to. This quality of education is sure to help produce many new Real Christian leaders for our future. We feel blessed for our son to be able to have such an opportunity right here in Quincy.”

QCS Parent
“I am so pleased and excited in what my child is learning from this school. The academics are of quality and excellence. But even more important to me is that my school speaks about Jesus to my child. That makes a difference to me as a parent. I love Quincy Christian School.”

QCS High School student
“I really like being at Quincy Christian School. I like the environment. You are able to develop good relationships. Teachers are willing and eager to help and to get to know you. I have developed some wonderful student relationships. I really enjoyed the extracurricular activities of Volleyball, Cheerleading and Basketball. I have learned a lot at QCS. My past school used very little of the curriculum. At QCS I am being taught the entire curriculum. My favorite subject is History / Social Studies. I also really like our Administrator. He cares, has a passion, which also helps the student body and the school.”

QCS High School student
“This is my first year at QCS. I love it! I really enjoy our sports. To me the team is more than a team, our relationship is like a second family. My past school was ‘clicky’ but at QCS I have developed meaningful friendships. The teachers go beyond the normal. The teachers are willing to take time to give time. They have been a blessing and a help to me. I have two more items I like about my school. First, they have great lunches. Second, I am thankful for the Administrator, Mr. Murray. He welcomes you. He lets you know he cares.”

QCS student
“QCS staff, students, and parents have been so welcoming and supportive. My brothers have enjoyed their time at QCS. One of them called his friend who attends public school and said, ‘The Christian School is awesome!’ My other brother loves QCS, and he never liked to go to school before. Honestly, QCS has been a bit of a miracle for my family. Thank You, Jesus!”

What our Grandparents are saying:

QCS Grandparent
“My granddaughter was struggling in the public schools. Within 30 days, she received two awards at the first quarter assembly and made the honor role. The winning combination of the small classrooms and the biblical foundation where God is the center of the learning environment, topped off with the individual attention, provides a phenomenal learning environment.”