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Quality education, along with a solid spiritual foundation, is a concern for many parents. Quincy Christian School is providing a strong academic program for students, along with a biblical foundation that puts God and the Bible at the top of the learning list. At QCS, our goal is to be a resource to parents who are training their child “in the way he should go.” We welcome you to give us a call at 217-223-5698 for details about our K-12 school. Together we can make a difference—one student at a time.

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Krazy Cakes Fundraiser

Help support our school by joining in our fundraiser with Krazy Cakes Bakery.  Ask a student how to order your next batch of delicious cupcakes or one-of-a-kind dessert! NOW thru January 30th!

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Mission Trip to Belize

QCS 10th-12th graders are looking forward to taking a Mission Trip to Belize this coming spring. The students are excited and look forward to the opportunity to serve the Belize community.

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Education Success Consultation

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